Saturday, July 30, 2011


I have been an inspiration to two people and it feels good great! 

There is a lady at Pet Sense (around my age) that used to work with my husband (at All About Sports) who approached me the last time we were there asking what we were doing to look so good (that was a good great fantastic feeling).  Told her about how we were eating and exercising and our first 5K.  Her husband had had some heart issues and she was concerned for him and her as well.  Yesterday we went for dog food and she came running up to me so excited and said I had been an inspiration to her and she had been walking (and her husband too) and was working into running, her goal is a race in Oklahoma City for her birthday next April!

THEN today Coach White (yes I said Coach) who is an assistant in cross country, basketball and track came up to me at Bordertown (Farwell festival) and said she had been doing the interval training working in running that we had talked about (RYBO) and was excited to run outrun the girls in cross country so she could say hey I'm a 44 year old woman and can out do you, come on!

THEN Coach Sandoval (Head Football Coach at Dexter) called Michael today and was very excited couldn't believe to have opened the Roswell newspaper and see Michael's name in the Alien Chase 5K.  He even said that's not a very common name but still went on to look for my name and sure enough there it was!  He was very ticked that we didn't call him and tell him we were running.  Michael told him he could see us next year cause we were coming back!

AND we had a booth at Bordertown and we wore stuff we were selling and I was wearing a MEDIUM shirt!  Also check out the the cool sunglasses I got at Ft. Worth, they have my initials and a steer on the bottom left lens.  Love the visor as well and I designed it!

I say all this to say with I was very disappointed to come home from Ft. Worth with 6 extra pounds (after just losing my June vacation weight) and feeling very water rententive (swollen hands and feet) and the first workout after getting home really kicking my butt!  God put these people in my life this week to motivate me to press on.  I am not where I want to be but definately not where I was! 



So I will press on, one more Stage 4 workout and then on to Stage 5.  Signed Michael and I up for the Hot Dam 2 mile race in Lubbock on August 13th.   

Please send motivational thoughts my way, football two a days starts Monday and I will be on my own for morning workouts. 

I can!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Short Notes

Home again, home again, jiggidy jigg!  It's late but I wanted to get some thoughts down while they are fresh in my mind.  Good trip, glad to be home, know I have some issues to work on but proud of my progess!
Pros While In Ft. Worth:
*ran on Monday morning
*very conscious of eating well Saturday thru Tuesday
*lots of walking
*drank lots of water (1dt.coke)
*felt good in my clothes (bought t-shirts in women's large and they FIT!)
*great energy during the day, slept well at night

*did not run on Wednesday
*eating on Wednesday was NOT good / poor choices
*feet swollen - probably due to the poor food choices and not running
*need to examine food issues and eating plan for next 6 weeks
*need to address my sugar addiction

Cowbody Stadium was amazing!

I'm off to bed, lots to do tomorrow, final photography assignment to complete for Thursday class, need to sign up for Lubbock Hot Dam Race, order Garmin, buy groceries, contract work to finish and all that stuff you have to do after being gone for 5 days.

"Be kind to your body, it's the only place you have to live"

Monday, July 25, 2011

Stage 4 Day 1

Stage 4 Day 1 completed at 5am this morning.  Still very hot but at least not the 105 that its been during the day.  Walking less and running more, baby steps but getting there.
 Yesterday we slept in and then went downtown to register.  Guys are at the Convention Center and then girls are 7 blocks down (remember it's 105 degrees).  We went with the guys for them to register and then walked down to the girls for us to register.  These are the shoes Erin wore!  Very cute, but I will leave the hills for you young things and flip flop on in my comfortable flats!
 The architecture is wonderful in Ft. Worth.
 After we had all registered we rode Molly the Trolly back to get our car.
and headed back to the motel for the Coaches to have their first meeting. I transcribed in the nice and cool room for a while and then went to the pool with Erin where the guys joined us later and we all walked across the street for dinner (Mexican food). My food intake for the day was good except for the 2 cookies that called my name as we walked back into the hotel and a mini herseys and a mini peanut butter cup.   

Today we will all go to classes and then to the All Star Basketball game tonight.

Hope everyone has a great day!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ft. Worth / Day 1

Coaches Clinic in Ft. Worth.  Traveled to Ft. Worth yesterday, very nervous about gaining weight while away from home and staying on schedule with running program.  Plans to stay on track:  take a picture of what I eat to hold myself accountable (no photo of the chocolate chip cookie or the piece of fudge but confessing to that right away to try to prevent that today).  Ate at Cracker Barrell in Abilene and was able to have a healthy meal.  Billy Bobs in Ft. Worth Saturday night, one drink BUT very hungry when we left; drive thru at Whataburger (the name alone spells trouble) but was able to get a grilled chicken salad, dropped more than half of it so that took care of most of the fat free dressing and processed chicken).  Trying to drink water, water, water!
This is what I wore to Billy Bobs:  hips still a big issue (pun intended lol!) arms and stomach looking better every day.

This is the first time in a long time that I have felt good about myself and my appearance (not where I want to be but grateful I'm not where I was).  I have a lot more energy and feel better in my clothes.  Healthy is such a better place to live.

Looking forward to a great day today, we register and do some shopping! 

Hope you have a great day too!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Stage 3 Complete

Stage 3 completed!  Will start Stage 4 in Ft. Worth, still haven't decided if we will try to run outside or on the treadmill.  Either way need to find the time to do it, I don't want to be behind on my schedule.  Next race 2M in Lubbock on August 13.

Weight up this morning most likely due to eating in Lubbock yesterday.  Steak, salad and steamed veggies, but it's a resturant and you never know what they put on the food, in addition I did use some of the vinigerette and ate a few peanuts.  Lots of good conversation and laughs with husband and niece, so it was theraputic as well!  Who doesn't benifit from a good laugh!

Excited for family that will be running in Clovis tomorrow, good luck to all.  Hope everyone has a great weekend, better go get ready to travel!

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ned Houk Run

Stage 3, day 2 completed. Weight same as last post (I celebrate anything that is not a gain!). We ran at Ned Houk Park this morning to get in some hill work. 1st interval up a slight incline-did all right, tried to run somewhat faster than a snail; 2nd interval flat-did fine; 3rd interval uphill-okay I can do this; 4th interval-sucking air; 5th interval-I think I can, I think I can, I can!!!
Road is tree lined and nobody there at 6:30 in the morning but the garbage man.  Some of the trail is on gopher hole grass but not too bad.  One big plus, there are restrooms (yeah, they are porta potties, but if you need em you use em!).
I think all the blood rushed to my head running up the hills, and they weren't even big hills, which means good thing we are working out here, the need is obvious!
Yesterday "The Almost Runner" wrote: 
Working out makes you feel good about yourself, and I'm kind of scared of that. As much as I'm an outgoing, person, I'm definitely lacking in the self-confidence department.  
This really hit home with me, I try to exhibit a very self confident outer shell but I'm really insecure, the light has always been on someone else, I have always been in the background.  I'm working on putting me first and not feeling bad about it. 
I'm a work in progress!
Do something special for yourself today!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Stage 3 RYBO

Stage 3, day 1: Increased the running time, walking time the same. 

This is the new track the city is putting in. One round is 1/2 mile.  We started at 6:30, weather nice and kind of cool at the beginning.

Feeling pretty good about the workout. New goal: speed up my running, I run like a snail!

Looking forward to next week Coaches School in Ft. Worth. My first Texas coaching school.  Classes for the wives like jewelry making, games, style show and a luncheon and SHOPPING!  Will have to find a way to get at least 2 workouts in while there, not looking forward to the hot humid weather!

Have a great day and don't forget to drink lots of water!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Plans for next week

Falling one over my lowest weight and satisfied with our eating this week, we (Michael and I) have decided to forego the weights and run/walk all week, Stage 3 on MWF and (if we can find a place or on the treadmill) hills or incline on T and Th.  Anxious to see if it makes a difference on the scale.

Lesson 7 due Tuesday in my photography class and I have about half of it done.  Ross and I are waiting tonight until it gets a little darker and trying to cross two things off our list (Ross needs headshots and I need portraits) so we will be headed around town taking photos tonight.  Have learned a lot in this class but ready for it to be over, need to take photoshop class next semester but they only offer it as an online class and I am more a hands on in person person.  Will have to decide soon.

We have found a new running trail and will be trying it out in the morning with Stage 3 of RYBO.

Looking forward to a great week, hope you are too!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Keep On Swimming


Stage 2 complete. Begin Stage 3 on Monday. Weight same yesterday, up today even though I have eaten clean both days and exercised.

I was thinking...
* It's good to finish workout before 7am before it gets too hot. (Don't know how JoJo does it in Houston)
* The sports bra I wore today was a no go, looking at the Northface sports bra with the pocket in the front, anyone have that?)
* Love the shoe pouch that Jilligan let me borrow, will have to look into getting one of my own.
* Jilligan I liked the Timex Ironman, is the beeper louder on the Garmin? (Old ears)
* I need to take some of the slower songs off of my MP3 player (maybe that's why I didn't hear the beep)
* Do you run clockwise or counterclockwise on a running track? (need to google track etiquette)
* Tour de France is really interesting, boy those guys are tough! (I need to up the incline when I have to walk/run on the treatmill, find someplace outside with hills)
* Need to work in SM tea every day so I don't have gains on the scale. (Will have to work out the restroom issues as well, no restroom where we walk/run)
* I was thinking about all the weight loss programs there are and wondering why we are such a fat nation?
* Proud of myself for all the work I have put in getting healthy. (Maybe I need to reward myself)
* Looking forward to continuing the stages in RBYO. (Gasp...did I really say that?)

Michael in his new running shirt, isn't he cute with that coaches tan!
Me after workout, I need a nose sweatband!

Have a great day!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Keeping your eye on the goal

I pass this sign on the running trail. See the first part of the second word. Each time I pass I remind myself that I am doing this to have a smaller one!
Enjoy your day!

It's A Beautiful Day!

Week 1, Stage 2, 4-1 completed for today.

Wrote on my arm so I wouldn't have to do any math while running (it's enough for me to look at my arms while running, much less calculate anything!). First day with compression pants and trying to take my own photo. How do you guys do that!

This what I wore.

This is what the clouds looked like at 7:15

This is the trail I run on. See the little man, he was the only other person on the track with me this morning!

Wish the dog walkers would read and do what the signs say!. I dont' want to walk/run in your dog's poo!
After my RYBO workout, I went once more around the trail to relax and take photos (and the extra exercise was an added bonus). The weather was so peaceful! The sun was just coming out of the clouds as I finished the last stretch! Hope your day is peaceful and beautiful too!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Gym Day

Great morning weigh in, all the vacation weight is finally gone! Now I begin again to get the next 30 pounds off. I would really like to be down 12 more pounds before we leave for Coaches School on the 23rd, not realistic but good motivation.
Michael got through with morning football practice early so off to the gym we went at 9:15. Good arm, chest and back workout and the PLANKS, oh the planks!
I wore women's workout clothes (see photo) which is really our of my comfort zone. I am more comfortable in baggy t-shirts. On the good side this shirt makes me hold my stomach in and the planks are working to get rid of it. Ended the workout with 30 minutes on the bicycle.
It's a good day!

Fit at 55

I have made promises to myself all my life, yo-yo dieted up and down possibly losing and gaining 1000 or more pounds in my lifetime. I remember my father promising me rewards like if you lose 10 pounds you can get your ears pierced (I would lose it, get the reward, and gain it right back). I gage my weight by the events in my life...I was 40 when I weighed this, we were in Timbuktoo when I weighed this, I could wear (___) when I weighed this.
I am now 55 and possibly healthier than I have been my whole life. I have a weight goal but my ultimate goal is to be a size healthy. As of today I have lost 72 pounds over 2 years through exercise and eating healthy.
I ran my first 5k (previous running was limited to what you had to do in P.E. and softball) July 2 at the urging of my niece. Event was successful, I finished and I was not last.
I am now backtracking doing the "Run Your Butt Off" program to be able to run more and walk less.
My hope for this blog is to keep my mind and mouth accountable and have a little fun along the way.
I hope you will join me for this jorney.