Monday, December 12, 2011


I must admit I have not done well with running lately but I have walked on the treadmill consistantly.  DH and I started a half marathon training schedule right before the bad weather set in.  I never thought I would say I missed being able to exercise outside but I am missing it. 

I have lost last year's Christmas photos!  While searching for them I came across this photo taken at Glorietta October 2009:
And then this photo taken at Glorietta October 2011:

The first photo while in Glorietta we drove everywhere, went to Santa Fe (and ate at Olive Garden) shopping during our free time and ate what we wanted in the cafeteria.

The second photo we parked and walked everywhere and walked extra during our free time (hills).  We brought healthy snacks and ate as healthy as we could in the cafeteria after walking there and walked to chapel after.

I needed to find these photos.  I am within 3 pounds of my average weight, 5 pounds from my lowest weight but that's still 30 pounds from where I wanted to be at this point. 

Mind games:  I made a deal with myself while on the treadmill this morning.  Christmas movies are killing me!  I sit too much and watch way to many movies during this time of the year.  So... as of today if I want to watch a movie I will walk an extra mile on the treadmill and drink an additional bottle of water. 

Previously in my dieting career I would of never actually written these things down much less shared it with anyone...I have progressed in this area as well...I am counting these things as leaps and bounds NOT baby steps!

It seems we have all gone MIA in blog world and I am are you doing?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Very Proud Aunt

My nieces Jill and Jodie ran the Rock and Roll San Antonio Marathon this past weekend.  You can read  Jodie's story here.  I was so proud Sunday as I got updates (can you believe Jodie was Tweeting as she ran) and got a bit teary eyed (very hormonal emotional I know).  I have two brothers so don't exactly know what it would be like to run with a sister but know it was a very special day for them and they looked so cute in their race garb! 

Jill / Part 1 is here.  Jill not only ran a marathon but drove 8 hours to get to San Antonio and eight hours home and then went to work on Monday morning, what a woman!!!

I read a lot of blogs, people I don't know, now I can hear up close and personal stories from people I know...exciting.  I can't even imagine being with 30,000 people much less running a marathon with those 30,000 people.

I am a very proud Aunt...Jill and Jodie you are very special girls!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tuesday Tells

It's harder to stick to a schedule when you don't have a race on the calendar.  After missing, skipping, ignoring Sundays workout and painting the laundry/craft room yesterday I got up this morning determined to get my workout out of the way first thing!  Workout completed.

I know this is not a decorating blog but since I have mentioned painting I want to show you the progress I have made re: laundry/craft room:
This is embarrassing / the catch all place

Walls painted

Next on the agenda the doors and cabinets and sorting/trashing all the stuff that was in the room.  My plan is antique white distressed.  I would love to take up the carpet and get tile installed but that's not going to today for blinds and rug.

I have been reading and watching news about the Chicago Marathon last weekend and thinking about Jo Jo and Jilligan racing in San Antonio this weekend.  Rock n Roll girls - good luck!

????Wondering if I will be ready for a 15k in February???? 
 Should I give that to myself for Valentines Day?