Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tuesday Tells

It's harder to stick to a schedule when you don't have a race on the calendar.  After missing, skipping, ignoring Sundays workout and painting the laundry/craft room yesterday I got up this morning determined to get my workout out of the way first thing!  Workout completed.

I know this is not a decorating blog but since I have mentioned painting I want to show you the progress I have made re: laundry/craft room:
This is embarrassing / the catch all place

Walls painted

Next on the agenda the doors and cabinets and sorting/trashing all the stuff that was in the room.  My plan is antique white distressed.  I would love to take up the carpet and get tile installed but that's not going to happen...shopping today for blinds and rug.

I have been reading and watching news about the Chicago Marathon last weekend and thinking about Jo Jo and Jilligan racing in San Antonio this weekend.  Rock n Roll girls - good luck!

????Wondering if I will be ready for a 15k in February???? 
 Should I give that to myself for Valentines Day?

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