Sunday, October 30, 2011


Daily goals

I am by myself a lot.  Sometimes by choice and most of the time by means of the life style we lead.  Friends are working, kids are working and at school, and husband is a teacher/coach.  Being alone for long periods of time I do a lot of pondering...sometimes this is a good thing and sometimes it just wastes my time...useless head games that are nonproductive.

I am currently pondering this:  why do I feel when given a complement that I have to make excuses that belittle my accomplishments? 

I have worked hard to get to where I, exercise, losing weight, running, races, personal growth.  I have gotten out of my comfort zone in many ways.  Invariably when given a complement instead of accepting it and thus accepting my victories I make excuses; how far I have to go instead of celebrating how far I have come.  Am I not worth accomplishments, am I not important enough to deserve victory?

We attended a number of activities this weekend, seeing several people that complemented my weight loss progress and running/races.  Instead of being happy that I look and feel better, I felt the need to explain how much more weight I need to lose or how much more I needed to train to get to a mileage that seems worthy. 

Why do I feel the need to make excuses?

Are you able to accept a complement graciously?

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