Tuesday, September 13, 2011

1st Virtual Race

I did it, I signed Michael and I up for the 2nd Annual Rock Your Socks Virtual 5k.  We plan to run it on September 18.  Has to be between September 12 and 25.  We'll be running anyway why not.  Possibility of some really good prizes!


Run this morning was good, 69 degrees and a bit chilly when we first started, not really just felt that way after all the triple digit temperatures we've had for so long.  I am getting better about listening to my body and consistently increasing speed as I go.  I like that the training schedule says "easy run" less to stress about when you put it that way.

Back on serious eating plan and could really tell after the run.  Quite nauseous, green tea not helping, nothing to drink that didn't have too much sugar in it.  Purchased Glutamine from the gym today hoping that will take care of that.  Inquired about Bootcamp while I was at the gym.  Trainer will be on vacation until the 21st, I will start then.  Pay as you go which is nice!

No pictures today, nothing really to photograph (gasp!) It is getting lighter earlier which only means it's nearing time for daylight savings time, fall back in the fall, I wish they would just leave it the same all time...you know I don't do well with change.

There is always something to be thankful forI am thankful for you!  

Have a great day!

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Jilligan said...

Don't think I will be doing this one officially. I can come and support you the day you decide to run yours. I will be your "Bob".