Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I'm Back (nearly)

4:30 run this morning, a nice 64 degrees.   Although the run was not comfortable I made it through it at the planned intervals and just a few seconds off scheduled time.  Just couldn't get to a comfortable rhythm.  I do seem to do better in the am than in the pm.  The sun hadn't even begun to show itself when we finished.  Really need to get reflective wear especially when daylight savings time begins even though we are the only ones on the track at that time of the morning.  Sometimes you can hear voices outside the trail but don't see anyone which is really freaky.

Having some real body issues not sure why.  Have had to cut out the morning hot green tea until I can get past this nausea issue and really having to watch what and when I eat to not get nauseous or dizzy.

I need new shoes, sorry about the visual, also looks like I need a pedicure!  This means a trip to either Lubbock or Amarillo cause I feel like I need to try some different brands...I love Asics but when I did the Runners World Shoe finder I need Saucony ProGrid Hurricane 13.  Not sure I want to spend that much money but need to try on to see.  Probably need to go to Get Fit in Amarillo (the only running store around these parts) and let them suggest a shoe.  I found this shoe at Big Five, Saucony Stratos 4 but not sure it's what I need.  I like a grey shoe not a white shoe which I feel you can see a block before you actually get there, my feet are big enough without bringing any attention to them!

Got all ready to treadmill it yesterday and the treadmill is dead.  Everything works on it but the belt.   Just five months old, I have a call into the service department to see what I have to do.  Really hoping I don't have to haul it back to Academy.

Have you ever been fitted for shoes (or a sports bra) at a running store?


Jodie said...

Ouch! Looks like you might need a bigger size shoe too. I wear 8.5s but run in 10s.

I've always been a neutral runner until my ankle surgery and now I need stability. Stinks.

I love brooks! And I love mizuno's. I have a few old asics that I liked, but haven't been able to find a good pair recently.

Good luck, and good job! Keep it up!

MrsPro said...

I would really rather order online... I would really rather order EVERYTHING online but in this case I think I will have to bite the bullet and go try some on. Was trying to get to Lubbock on a day when J was having a workshop but that's not happening either so I will take off on my own to either Lubbock or Amarillo soon. I want to try on both Mizuna and Brooks. Have you ordered your skirt from runningfunky.com yet?