Thursday, September 29, 2011


August after a morning run.
Today at the end of the morning run.  
The seasons are changing and this morning the weather was perfect.  Cool but not too cold with a slight breeze.  I always start off a little tight and nervous (???) takes about 1/2 mile to calm down and get my mind in the right place.  Wore a different pair of shoes this morning (New Balance 1/2 size bigger)  but forgot to put in my inserts.  Didn't realize what a difference they made, shins are hurting but toes are better.  Will run in these until I can get a new pair. 

Haven't heard from the treadmill service folks so I will work on that again today.  Although we haven't been using the treadmill a lot lately I need to know it's there if I need to use it (and it just chaps my butt that it's not working).

Football 7th and 8th today and Varsity tomorrow.  I still haven't gotten my eating together for football weekends.  I have to work it where I either eat a late lunch and then light snack after the games or get a grilled chicken salad on the way to the game (need to order Waldon individual dressing packs) and have my fruit after the games.  That's for the home games.  Away games are another issue.  I try to eat just before we leave (usually between 2 and 3) and take an apple and tea with me.  After the game I'm at the mercy of Coach where we eat and just hope it's some where I can either have a salad or eat the meat out of the hamburger.  I just have to be careful that I don't get home starving.  Working on eating issues is a job in and of itself...I get so tired of worrying about it.  Yesterday I really really wanted to get candy corn and peanuts and eat the whole thing...but I didn't, that's progress.  I still have sugar cravings ALOT!

On a totally unrelated subject I'm thinking of dying my hair one color (no highlights)  thinking about a medium blonde, what do you think?
hair color!

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