Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Back to the Gym

Gym workout this morning.  I hate carrying a paper with me so thank goodness for my arm.
3 sets of 12 each:  squats, seated row, step up, dead lift, bench press, wide grip lat pull down, lunges, plank, 30 minutes on the eliptical bicycle.  I like to have a plan so I can go in do what I need to do and then get out.  Good times to go to the gym are 8:30 or 9ish in the morning and 1:30 or 2ish in the afternoon.  I like morning and was pleased when I got there this morning there were not many folks there and more than pleased to find that there were no muscleheads (no offense but it's hard to get on the free weights when they are there).  I had half an apple on the way to the gym, glutamine drink while at the gym, and the other half of the apple after the gym.  No nausea today....oh yeah!  This is our gym: 
and a sign on a piece of equipment that I took just
because I thought it was neat! 
My weight was down this morning, a great way to start the day!
Hope your day is going great too!

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