Monday, October 3, 2011

New Week

Did an ugly 3 miles Sunday afternoon after dealing with stomach issues all day.  Felt like finishing any way pretty or ugly was an accomplishment. 

The last few workouts have been very trying so decided this week would try a run day, walk day, run day, walk day...see how that goes.  So this morning I did an easy 2 mile walk.  I will add miles each walk day.  I'll get this down one way or another.

I also walked with my camera because the day before the prairie dogs were everywhere!  At first I thought maybe my headphones were messing up and then realized it was the chatter of the prairedogs.  Today I got photos:

Also got photos of this:
You would think it's pretty self explanatory BUT...I guess it's for everyone except those certain folks that don't think it means them...oh boy!
Very pretty morning and I enjoyed being by myself and just communing with nature (how deep huh?)

Back issues tonight, will be going to bed with the heating pad.  "The heating pad is a very good friend of mine!

Hope you have had a great start to your week.

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