Monday, October 24, 2011

24 The Hard Way OKC

24 The Hard Way - Ultra Race - 1 hour - Oklahoma City, OK
with niece and sister-in-law
Beautiful day to start a road trip

Setting up camp

Our camp site

Pre Race

Starting line

And we're off

Don't know why this didn't rotate but it's mile 1

ME - 5th line

Finish line


4th Race, 4 miles

Beautiful end to the day

Not knowing what to expect we took off to OKC, girls road trip with lots of laughing from the beginning to the end.  We got to the hotel and then despite the directions of the hotel manager and thanks to the race director directions we found the park and got our race packs.  After checking around decided to set up our camp so we wouldn't have to worry with that in the morning as my race started at 7:30.  Ate and went to bed.  Not much sleep due to the record in my mind going over and over what I needed to do and what I wanted to accomplish. 

Up and to the race site in plenty of time to have lots of butterflies but felt pretty calm at the start.  The course was a mile loop with three hills that weren't that steep just went on for a long time, the good part was several down hills and a lot of level course.  Great weather and surrounded by trees and everyone very friendly.  My group was one hour but interspersed with us were the 24 hour runners.  There were camps set up all along the course starting point and ending point with the medical, massage, computer board, and drink/food stations in between.

I felt really good throughout the race and the hour was over really fast.  My goal was 5 miles but I got 4.  The bad part is my hour was over too fast, I felt like I could of gone on for 6 (that's what I trained for) but felt like I accomplished a lot of what I had worked on:  sticking with the intervals, not shuffling my feet, not looking at the garmin just listening for the beeps, and trying to enjoy just being able to be a part of this event.  All in all I was happy with my race.

Here's my race history - 2nd race 2 miles, 3rd race 3 miles, 4th race 4 miles.  Next goal is a 10K. 

I posted some photos that I really am not proud of but need for inspiration.  I have been basically the same weight since the beginning of the summer.  I had really wanted to see a difference from the Lubbock race photos in these photos but did not and am disappointed in myself.  I am going to have to do some real soul searching ... I don't want to be the fattest person/racer any more ...I deserve better.   (Note to self - until you have lost this weight you stick to all black and get a tan girl!)

My niece ran the 6 hour race later in the day / when she posts her race story I will link it.  I am very proud of her, she did great!

Working on a training schedule for the next phase which will for sure include getting back to the gym for strength training but right now just gonna enjoy a couple days off.  

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