Thursday, October 13, 2011

Getting Ready

Possible for OK (can't tell if the scarecrow in the background likes it or not!)

Working on a new playlist/green tea/water...hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Put new playlist on my old MP3 player to check it out before putting it on my Sony (forgot what a pain the cords were, I love my wireless Sony player)

Tuesday I wore new skirt, not impressed, now not sure what I will wear at OK.  Want to be comfortable but want to feel good about the way I look also.  Run was great, felt good and my knees are better. 

Yesterday was my first speed (me + speed = not pretty) work.  Planned this run for after football practice so we could use the track.  I do much better on morning runs, thankful that most races start early in the morning.  It wasn't really hot but way hotter than we are used to (mornings have been in the 50-60's).  Nervous about running distance instead of time/intervals just because I had never done it (new things make me panic) and I had been stressing about it all day.  Started off a little fast not going with the music tempo, until later in the run.  Playlist worked out great but now I need to figure out how to put it on my Sony someway to get it to start at the beginning every time I use it. All I have to say about the workout is that I finished, period.

Knees are better, back is the same, weight has been the same all week (yuck)

Leaving for a retreat today.  Looking forward to being in the mountains and going with my friend Matilda.  We have already planned to park the car and walk everywhere, then on Friday afternoon we have some free time and the plan is to do the hills around the retreat.

Hope you are having a great week!

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