Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend Retreat

Wonderful weekend with Matilda in the mountains.  How could you not relax and rejuvinate here?
We drove up on Thursday, parked and unpacked the car and then kept to our plan to walk everywhere.  The weather was wonderful and our room was situated perfectly to where we could walk to meals, walk to the chapel then back to our room full circle.  On Friday afternoon we had some free time so we walked all over the campus which included ALOT of hills!  Meals were an issue but worked through it and was pleased to find that I had gained -0- pounds when I got home, no loss but no gain, I'll count that as success.  Hills caused a bit of an issue with the knees, nothing that I can't deal with.  (icing knees as I write this)

Up this morning back on training schedule, short run this morning and speedwork on Wednesday and then off to Oklahoma City on Friday.  Adding some carbs to diet this week which makes me very nervous but will deal with it as I go. 

On a totally unrelated subject I will be doing my first photo shoot session this afternoon, wish me luck! 

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