Sunday, October 9, 2011

New View

After M finished working Saturday we took off for Amarillo for the rest of the weekend.  We walked through the Country Peddler Show and then went to Saltgrass to eat.  Left there to go to a movie but really didn't see anything we wanted to wait another hour for so went to Academy and then checked into our motel.  This time of the year is so busy we were just going to watch tv, read and chill out, next thing I knew I woke up around eleven.  Read a while and then zonked out again.

We had made plans to run a trail that the "My Get Fit Place" guy had told us about that was right next to the motel.  Excited to see new scenery and not a circle.
This is a picture out our motel window you can barely see the trail right behind the red SUV.

We slept late (8am oh yeah!) and headed out.  The schedule called for an easy 4 miles so we were going out and back.  It was very cold to begin with, in the low 50's with the wind in our face.  Nice flat trail for about the first quarter mile and then a easy hill and we ended the two miles here
Notice my new shoes which are great, Brooks Ghost 4
 No new blisters this morning and the heel cup is fabulous!

I thought the run back would be easier, the wind would be at our backs and ...OH NO, the whole way back was a steady incline (with one huge big hill) leveling out the last 1/4 mile.  Good news is we finished and the run felt really good.  Started out slow, increased gradually (except for the steepest hill) and finished strong.  Felt great until about an hour later when I tried to get out of the truck at Target lol! 

My thought about mile 2 1/2:
 "there is only one letter that changes hill to h, e, double hockey sticks"

Back home now, icing my knees is the next agenda after posting this.  Nice to get away, nice to get home.

My first speed work will be this week - should be interesting

I really need to totally redo all the music on my player.  Something like this:  Want to do it before going to OK

Great weekend, hope you had a great weekend also!

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Anonymous said...

Nice run! I never thought about how the "i" in hills can become an "e", but you are so right!