Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fit at 55

I have made promises to myself all my life, yo-yo dieted up and down possibly losing and gaining 1000 or more pounds in my lifetime. I remember my father promising me rewards like if you lose 10 pounds you can get your ears pierced (I would lose it, get the reward, and gain it right back). I gage my weight by the events in my life...I was 40 when I weighed this, we were in Timbuktoo when I weighed this, I could wear (___) when I weighed this.
I am now 55 and possibly healthier than I have been my whole life. I have a weight goal but my ultimate goal is to be a size healthy. As of today I have lost 72 pounds over 2 years through exercise and eating healthy.
I ran my first 5k (previous running was limited to what you had to do in P.E. and softball) July 2 at the urging of my niece. Event was successful, I finished and I was not last.
I am now backtracking doing the "Run Your Butt Off" program to be able to run more and walk less.
My hope for this blog is to keep my mind and mouth accountable and have a little fun along the way.
I hope you will join me for this jorney.

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