Friday, July 22, 2011

Stage 3 Complete

Stage 3 completed!  Will start Stage 4 in Ft. Worth, still haven't decided if we will try to run outside or on the treadmill.  Either way need to find the time to do it, I don't want to be behind on my schedule.  Next race 2M in Lubbock on August 13.

Weight up this morning most likely due to eating in Lubbock yesterday.  Steak, salad and steamed veggies, but it's a resturant and you never know what they put on the food, in addition I did use some of the vinigerette and ate a few peanuts.  Lots of good conversation and laughs with husband and niece, so it was theraputic as well!  Who doesn't benifit from a good laugh!

Excited for family that will be running in Clovis tomorrow, good luck to all.  Hope everyone has a great weekend, better go get ready to travel!

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