Thursday, July 14, 2011

It's A Beautiful Day!

Week 1, Stage 2, 4-1 completed for today.

Wrote on my arm so I wouldn't have to do any math while running (it's enough for me to look at my arms while running, much less calculate anything!). First day with compression pants and trying to take my own photo. How do you guys do that!

This what I wore.

This is what the clouds looked like at 7:15

This is the trail I run on. See the little man, he was the only other person on the track with me this morning!

Wish the dog walkers would read and do what the signs say!. I dont' want to walk/run in your dog's poo!
After my RYBO workout, I went once more around the trail to relax and take photos (and the extra exercise was an added bonus). The weather was so peaceful! The sun was just coming out of the clouds as I finished the last stretch! Hope your day is peaceful and beautiful too!

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