Saturday, July 16, 2011


Stage 2 complete. Begin Stage 3 on Monday. Weight same yesterday, up today even though I have eaten clean both days and exercised.

I was thinking...
* It's good to finish workout before 7am before it gets too hot. (Don't know how JoJo does it in Houston)
* The sports bra I wore today was a no go, looking at the Northface sports bra with the pocket in the front, anyone have that?)
* Love the shoe pouch that Jilligan let me borrow, will have to look into getting one of my own.
* Jilligan I liked the Timex Ironman, is the beeper louder on the Garmin? (Old ears)
* I need to take some of the slower songs off of my MP3 player (maybe that's why I didn't hear the beep)
* Do you run clockwise or counterclockwise on a running track? (need to google track etiquette)
* Tour de France is really interesting, boy those guys are tough! (I need to up the incline when I have to walk/run on the treatmill, find someplace outside with hills)
* Need to work in SM tea every day so I don't have gains on the scale. (Will have to work out the restroom issues as well, no restroom where we walk/run)
* I was thinking about all the weight loss programs there are and wondering why we are such a fat nation?
* Proud of myself for all the work I have put in getting healthy. (Maybe I need to reward myself)
* Looking forward to continuing the stages in RBYO. (Gasp...did I really say that?)

Michael in his new running shirt, isn't he cute with that coaches tan!
Me after workout, I need a nose sweatband!

Have a great day!

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Jodie said...

I'm so jealous of your cool mornings! I can't even imagine that.
I really like the under armour sports bras - most supportive ones I've found around here.
Beeping - even the garmin isn't loud enough, especially when I have music on. Wish I could afford the new 610 that vibrates!
I'm pretty sure most tracks are counter clockwise, but either way won't matter.
I love SM - plan on having some tonight!

Good job - keep it up!