Monday, July 25, 2011

Stage 4 Day 1

Stage 4 Day 1 completed at 5am this morning.  Still very hot but at least not the 105 that its been during the day.  Walking less and running more, baby steps but getting there.
 Yesterday we slept in and then went downtown to register.  Guys are at the Convention Center and then girls are 7 blocks down (remember it's 105 degrees).  We went with the guys for them to register and then walked down to the girls for us to register.  These are the shoes Erin wore!  Very cute, but I will leave the hills for you young things and flip flop on in my comfortable flats!
 The architecture is wonderful in Ft. Worth.
 After we had all registered we rode Molly the Trolly back to get our car.
and headed back to the motel for the Coaches to have their first meeting. I transcribed in the nice and cool room for a while and then went to the pool with Erin where the guys joined us later and we all walked across the street for dinner (Mexican food). My food intake for the day was good except for the 2 cookies that called my name as we walked back into the hotel and a mini herseys and a mini peanut butter cup.   

Today we will all go to classes and then to the All Star Basketball game tonight.

Hope everyone has a great day!

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