Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ned Houk Run

Stage 3, day 2 completed. Weight same as last post (I celebrate anything that is not a gain!). We ran at Ned Houk Park this morning to get in some hill work. 1st interval up a slight incline-did all right, tried to run somewhat faster than a snail; 2nd interval flat-did fine; 3rd interval uphill-okay I can do this; 4th interval-sucking air; 5th interval-I think I can, I think I can, I can!!!
Road is tree lined and nobody there at 6:30 in the morning but the garbage man.  Some of the trail is on gopher hole grass but not too bad.  One big plus, there are restrooms (yeah, they are porta potties, but if you need em you use em!).
I think all the blood rushed to my head running up the hills, and they weren't even big hills, which means good thing we are working out here, the need is obvious!
Yesterday "The Almost Runner" wrote: 
Working out makes you feel good about yourself, and I'm kind of scared of that. As much as I'm an outgoing, person, I'm definitely lacking in the self-confidence department.  
This really hit home with me, I try to exhibit a very self confident outer shell but I'm really insecure, the light has always been on someone else, I have always been in the background.  I'm working on putting me first and not feeling bad about it. 
I'm a work in progress!
Do something special for yourself today!

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