Saturday, July 30, 2011


I have been an inspiration to two people and it feels good great! 

There is a lady at Pet Sense (around my age) that used to work with my husband (at All About Sports) who approached me the last time we were there asking what we were doing to look so good (that was a good great fantastic feeling).  Told her about how we were eating and exercising and our first 5K.  Her husband had had some heart issues and she was concerned for him and her as well.  Yesterday we went for dog food and she came running up to me so excited and said I had been an inspiration to her and she had been walking (and her husband too) and was working into running, her goal is a race in Oklahoma City for her birthday next April!

THEN today Coach White (yes I said Coach) who is an assistant in cross country, basketball and track came up to me at Bordertown (Farwell festival) and said she had been doing the interval training working in running that we had talked about (RYBO) and was excited to run outrun the girls in cross country so she could say hey I'm a 44 year old woman and can out do you, come on!

THEN Coach Sandoval (Head Football Coach at Dexter) called Michael today and was very excited couldn't believe to have opened the Roswell newspaper and see Michael's name in the Alien Chase 5K.  He even said that's not a very common name but still went on to look for my name and sure enough there it was!  He was very ticked that we didn't call him and tell him we were running.  Michael told him he could see us next year cause we were coming back!

AND we had a booth at Bordertown and we wore stuff we were selling and I was wearing a MEDIUM shirt!  Also check out the the cool sunglasses I got at Ft. Worth, they have my initials and a steer on the bottom left lens.  Love the visor as well and I designed it!

I say all this to say with I was very disappointed to come home from Ft. Worth with 6 extra pounds (after just losing my June vacation weight) and feeling very water rententive (swollen hands and feet) and the first workout after getting home really kicking my butt!  God put these people in my life this week to motivate me to press on.  I am not where I want to be but definately not where I was! 



So I will press on, one more Stage 4 workout and then on to Stage 5.  Signed Michael and I up for the Hot Dam 2 mile race in Lubbock on August 13th.   

Please send motivational thoughts my way, football two a days starts Monday and I will be on my own for morning workouts. 

I can!


Jodie said...

You are an inspiration!! You didn't include us in that list!! So glad you helped your cardio cowgirl, who in turn helped me and B! Who knows how far it can reach?!

Vacation weight sounds like water retention - should come back off easily when you get back at it.

You look great! Keep it up!

MrsPro said...

Awww thanks, it's amazing when you surround yourself with positive people doing positive things to be healty and happy (mentally as well as physically)! You guys inspire me!