Sunday, July 17, 2011

Plans for next week

Falling one over my lowest weight and satisfied with our eating this week, we (Michael and I) have decided to forego the weights and run/walk all week, Stage 3 on MWF and (if we can find a place or on the treadmill) hills or incline on T and Th.  Anxious to see if it makes a difference on the scale.

Lesson 7 due Tuesday in my photography class and I have about half of it done.  Ross and I are waiting tonight until it gets a little darker and trying to cross two things off our list (Ross needs headshots and I need portraits) so we will be headed around town taking photos tonight.  Have learned a lot in this class but ready for it to be over, need to take photoshop class next semester but they only offer it as an online class and I am more a hands on in person person.  Will have to decide soon.

We have found a new running trail and will be trying it out in the morning with Stage 3 of RYBO.

Looking forward to a great week, hope you are too!

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MrsPro said...

Will post some of my class photography soon!