Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dear Garmin

Dear Garmin,

These are the things I love about your product: 
calories burned, end of workout alert;

Please add the following alerts:  Stop, think before you eat that!

I need to remind myself that just because you have company and you are cooking for that company does not give you an excuse to eat what you are cooking for that company AND football season does not give you an excuse for eating crap late at night.

Having said that I knew after last nights late hot dogs my MOE (mode of exercise) would be the treadmill this morning.  My plan was four miles 3 at intervals and 1 just to get the late night kinks worked out.  Sure enough 2.1 miles in I had to take a break for business and then got back to it.  All of the sudden at a little over 3 miles the treadmill became posessed and took off and I mean just took off!  Now if you know much about me you know I have a fear of falling off the back of the treadmill, but I bravely jumped on the sides, my heart racing (I think that must of been several extra calories burned) and hit the stop and then reset and it started okay and then took off again.  I took this as a sign that I needed to get off so I did and will have DH look at it tonight.

Volleyball games this morning, ENMU football scrimmage tonight.  Hope you have great weekend plans.

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Anonymous said...

Hahaha, I need something to make shrill noises when I eat stupid stuff! Or make all sweets and cheese taste bad! One night of hot dogs definitely won't kill you though (unless you listen to all this new research about them being a carcinogen. Scary!).