Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Stage 6 Day 1

Stage 6, day 1 can be marked off my list.  Each step is moving me towards a more healthy person and a person that is stronger than I ever thought I could be.
Still cloudy when we started out this morning at 5:30 (earlier so M could get to an early appt).  Muggy but with a cool breeze.  Along with the compression hose will be ordering a headlight, cause IT WAS DARK!  Even had a few sprinkles on us as we ran.

M was so proud of his Garmin and is even going to let me put this photo on the football blog to show that coaches really do have a heart cause his heart monitor says he does!  He even admitted to me this morning that before he had his own he was having Garmin envy! 

My first run with a running skirt ( thank you J)!  After looking at this photo...
It does cover my stomach and the top part of my tree trunk thighs.  Speaking of thighs, I have had baby doll legs all week, you know how the chubby legs on a baby doll disconnect with a snap, well there you go.  I would say barbie doll legs but that would be streaching it flat out lying!  I also still have a ongoing twitch in my right calf.
If we ran later in the day we could just go across the street and have a Bahama Buck drink and then go next door for a pedicure!  Want to join me?


Anonymous said...

The skirt looks great!

Jilligan said...

Don't know why it wouldn't let me post as me.