Wednesday, August 31, 2011


We've been working on intervals this week, deciding times for race on Monday.  Today we did 3/2 and it worked well.  Final check on intervals and pace will be on Saturday.  Goal for Roswell Turtle Race, 5 minutes less than Alien Race.  More than 5 would be wonderful!  I am much better prepared for this race but still very nervous, does it ever get any easier?

Got my new compressions socks em.  I knew my old ones were stretched out but oh man, these really feel good on my calves and shins.  And they aren't so granny looking!

Busy rest of the week, Jr. High game on Thursday, Varsity game on Friday, Texas Tech game on Saturday, leaving for Roswell Sunday afternoon, Race on Monday.

Geez, just listing all that makes me tired, I better go to bed!

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Jodie said...

Love the new socks!

Good luck on Monday! I still get nervous before every race - but I get nervous about everything. You'll do great!