Monday, August 1, 2011

PM Running

I can't say that my first pm RYBO workout was a complete success.  I can say that I was not pleased when we pulled up to the City Trail and it had been asphalted (is that a word?) and now has a slant to it.  But we charged on with our last Stage 4 workout.  For the first time we were joined by a few stragglers but they got out of our way as we came around.  In the middle of the 4th interval it hit me.  Now I don't want to be too graphic here so I will say we had dinner at 6 thinking that would be an hour for the food to settle and any bathroom issues dealt with.  We began our workout at 7pm.  Michael was not listening when I said I had to go home, I had to emphasize emphatically I have to GO home!  He got it and we hustled home.

It was hot and I was dripping, not a pretty sight!
 Got my new Headsweat visor and wore it for the first time tonight, love it!  
I don't feel like I am ready to move on to Stage 5 but will follow the program and trudge on as planned.  I'm hoping tonight was hard only because I did the treadmill incline workout this morning.  May have to reconsider doing RYBO on MWF and incline on TTH.

As to the other issue, even though it will be late I will eat AFTER we workout in the evening this week.  Next week we can workout in the morning and then we will have to regroup when school starts.  I may have to launch out on my own....but I can!


Jojo said...

Yikes! This sounds familiar! Ha Ha! I think the men in our family must know the "We have to go home RIGHT NOW!"

Did you wear your UA head band under the visor? Or just the visor? I'm still too sweaty - can't keep it out of my eyes. But I do love those visors!

KIUS - keep it up sista!

MrsPro said...

No just the visor, it kept the sweat out of my eyes, now I just need something to keep the sweat drops from falling from my nose! I also got a pkg of Nike bands and love them as well. Maybe I should I should put one of those across my nose but someone would think I was a western cowboy robber or sick and trying to keep all the germs on me lol!