Friday, August 19, 2011


I never imagined myself actually enjoying a workout...this morning as we were running slowly jogging I realized I was going through a list in my mind of what I was thankful for...unimaginable, I usually am just sucking air,  wishing for the time to past quickly so I can walk a little bit and catch my breath.  PROGRESS!

I digress, I must first pat myself on the back for an achievement from yesterday.  People just amaze me and I was reeling from a specifically stupid parent, player and administrative incident/rumor handled badly that I would normally soothe myself with binging when I consciously made the decision to have ice cream for dinner.  Now you say ice cream...that can't be good, but the good part is that's all I had.  In the past I would have began eating right after the incident and continued to eat until I just felt bad about the situation AND myself.  This was a conscious decision and I purposefully got a regular portion of ice cream, not the large, not a container, just the normal size along with tea (and I had my water with me) and nothing else.  PROGRESS!

We were up early again, this will be the new normal with school starting, and the darkness passed quickly to early morning light, the breeze was pleasently in our faces and my breath was easy.  My head was up and my back was not hurting.  PROGRESS!

So here's my list for the day...I am thankful:

my legs and calves are better
my breathing and sense of smell is better (wierd huh)
my "can I do this" attitude has changed to "I can do this"
I have a few new clothes that do not have an X in the size
the snake on the trail this morning was dead
for the "real" Texico friends/kids that were genuinely glad to see us last night
all the "you look amazing comments" from those people
being where I am now and not where I was before

PROGRESS, it's a good thing!

All in all "it's a great day to be alive"

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Jilligan said...

I know it's hard but don't let other people control you. I have a sign near my computer that I can read to myself to help remind me of that. It reads, Go ruin someone else's day.