Saturday, August 13, 2011

Lubbock Race

I've got a medal!  Now you may say big deal but as I was trying to figure out how to put my emotions on this page I realized how much and how often I have felt like a nobody in my lifetime.  I have always felt like I was somebody else's someone...Larry's little sister, Ronny's big sister, Ross and Travis' mother, Coach Pro's wife.

I thought:   my DH has a shrine (for lack of a better word) 

Travis has a shrine 

Ross has a shrine 

And what do I have?  A Santa Clause collection
Now I have had a very full life, not a fairy tale life but good.  I have survived domestic abuse, death of a child, unexpected death of a father, and I have experienced many wonderful things, DH's history making football seasons, DS#2 on Dancing with the Stars, DS#1 Coaching with his father and lead singer in a band.  But I have always been the support system in their lives.

The decision to do something for myself does not come easy as evidenced in my failure to take care of myself and my body, but today I added to MY shrine.  See the medal in the photo, I would not even have that had it not been for the insistance of my neice to stand up for myself.  When they announced my division they said there were two, they called the first place and then they called the second place and my name was not called.  Had it not been for my neice I would have just settled for nothing.  Good thing cause we had to do the same for DH's race and her race.

In the end all our group, neice, nephew, DH and ME left with a medal!

And I even won a door prize!

So here I sit with my granny socks on, nursing a calf that wants to cramp up, feeling pretty good about myself.  Did someone else have to make me see that I was worth it, yes.  Did I do what it took to finish the race OH YEAH! 

And on the chance of seeming rather self absorbed,
what the heck, I AM WORTH IT!


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Jojo said...

Good job! It's great that you guys are out doing races! I'm so jealous that you get to do this together!!

YAY for the medal!! (did you sleep with it?!)