Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A New Day!

Treadmill workout on Wednesday barefoot and really stretching out my calves and hamstrings.

Dr. yesterday, shot for headache and Z Pac for allergy-sinus-drainage-swollen glands-chest congestion-itis (code for an itis I can't spell and bad allergy year).  Tried a new Nighty-nite tea last night with humidifier and slept really great!

4am up for workout.  Weather nice, changed out intervals for 4-2, this ole lady needs 2 minutes to recover, time, pace, heart rate much better!  Breathing easier today.  Legs feel good.

New signs went up sometime after Monday morning and this morning:

Also mileage signs along the trail.  The City is really keeping the trail clean, hoping they will continue to do.  Funny-do your running trail signs list "no horseback riding" lol!

This is my new running dress, love it, but think I will take about 2-3 inches off the bottom to look more like a skirt, what do you think?  It has a shelf bra and a boob pocket too!  I don't really want to direct you to my face but did you notice my new's really dark at 4am.
WOW, just saw some folks from Roswell on the Today Show complete with their green signs and green alien glasses and Al Rucker talked to them.  Putting that on my bucket list, no not the signs and glasses, going to the Today Show.  Better get my Texas star ready cause I'm not wearing a NM roadrunner hat.

This cracks me up!
this cracks me up!!!
                                                      Have a great day!

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