Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What I'm Reading

I have transcribed since 5am this morning (wide awake what's up with that?).  Had a full pool workout planned for this afternoon and now it's raining so will treadmill it tonight. Not wanting to clean house or do laundry (and who ever wants to do that) and DH is at football practice I thought I would share what I'm reading. 

I am rarely and I mean RARELY without a book.  Yes I know I should come into this century and get a Kindle but I LOVE books!  I usually have a book in my purse, a book by my bed, a book or magazine in the powder room (TMI), and a book or magazine by my chair in the living room. 

I just got through reading this, I have read every book in this series as soon as it comes out in paperback.  Just a funny no thinking book, easy light reading.
I have started this book which is okay, not funny like I usually like to read at night before I go to sleep but it's okay.  Maybe it will get more interesting as I get further into it.
I just got through with this book yesterday.  It has a lot of very good information that can be used at my entry level of running.  Good book for reference.
Got this book in the mail today.  A quick scan through it looks like it will be some good information for women more my age (you know stuff for the aches and pains etc for old ladies)!
I like this magazine more that Runner's World but I don't think it comes out every month.
Reading this magazine now.
Saw this when I ordered the Women over 40 Running Book and it looks like it will give me some good reference material for blogs.  Maybe I won't have to bug you about "how tos" if this is a good book!
My new internet interest is www.pinterest.com, a website where you can create boards and pin a plethora of all kinds of stuff like photography, craft/sewing ideas, gift ideas, wish list etc.  I got this picture today.
I nearly forgot!  I ordered this e-book today.  Really enjoyed the photography class I took last semester and the job I'm transcribing now is a big job, big enough that I'm hoping to get a new camera!  Never can have too many reference books for any of your hobbies!
I will leave you today with another Pinterest sign. 

I hope your day has been rewarding, interesting, and happy!

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