Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Stage 5 Day 2

DH's alarm went off at 5am this morning which means it was 4am Texas time!  I know my time with DH is dwindling and football will soon consume his life and I will have to go out on my own.  I groaned but quickly realized he was trying to do as much for/with me as he could before his time belongs to someone/something else.  Intervals this morning on Stage 5 RYBO.  Good thing the program encourages a slow pace because I really had lead legs this morning.  It was beautiful as we started in the dark and watched the light begin to show and the day begin.  We finished our workout and had time to walk and talk for a little while.

I woke up yesterday with 2 HUGE ZITS!  One on the end of my nose and one on my ear.  You know those kind that are under the skin and hurt like heck.   I am 55 years old, ZIT should not even be in a sentence I write  about myself, but writing it I am.  Later in the day I began to notice my throat was sore (zits + sore throat = some kind of infection is brewing) so I Nyquiled it up before going to bed after having a cup of Detox tea.  I am drinking hot green tea as I blog.  I have not been sick in a really long time and really don't want to be feeling bad on Saturday for the race.

Tonight we begin our Wednesday night football ritual of having dinner with the coaches and superintendent at Juanitos.  Football season is really here and therefore my football widow life begins again!

Life is good today!


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